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This piece of writing is by a member of AI’s Creative Writing group. At the beginning of each session, we share a story that we have ‘gathered’. These ‘gathers’ are recent observations or experiences we have had.
The idea is that writers and artists see the world in a new, fresh way and that if we start listening and watching we can pick up little stories or snippets of conversation that can stand alone or be the start of a bigger piece of writing.
Margaret Christison

Beauty Tuesday

Sitting trying to concentrate,
Or have a good debate,
But wait,,,,,
It’s not that easy,
When the girls are going crazy.
Can’t hear my own thoughts over the freight train,
Doing its rounds again,
I thought this was a place for learning,
But now it’s quite concerning.
I take a deep breath count to ten,
One, two, three and there it is again,
The shrill screams of a rabid pack,
Are back,
All I want to do is put my book back in the rack,
And never look back!
No, I’m not going to let them beat me,
I start reading the sentence again,
It seems to have settled,
The tide has changed.
Trying to make sense of the formulas,
To get this pie chart done before break,
But it all feels pointless for fuck sake.
There’s the walls a rattling,
Sounds like someone battling,
But all it is, is the girls cackling,
No wonder my nerves are cracking!
All I want to do is finish my work,
Just make it to lunch,
Get out of here without throwing a punch.
This day has nothing on a Monday,
It should be renamed Hellday, because it’s Beauty Tuesday!